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SCARBO is a new, all-encompassing arts community for and by young & diverse creatives. We curate, collaborate, and execute original projects, publishing multi-media content on this platform, SCARBO.DIGITAL. We offer visitors a more unique online experience and establish community with all who visit us. This website is a virtual studio–it molds and breathes as we strive to create a safe space for the marginalized, a bulletin board for artists, and a unique way to absorb original content.

SCARBO is a movement for the arts. We craft relationships through interdisciplinary collaboration, facilitating a space for ALL voices. We take notice of and fight against systems of oppression that are established within the communities we are part of, and seek to build a better community through collectivity and an open-source dialogue. 

We take steps to ensure sustainability in our operations. This website is hosted by carbon-neutral servers, our clothes are purchased from secondhand suppliers, and we package all items in compostable mailers.

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For questions, collaborations, or more, reach us at connect@scarbo.digital