GVO: Detroit’s Newest Rap Collective + Live Stream Concert

In Lieu of GVO Collective’s Live Debut on Saturday, February 20th at 7:25pm (via their Facebook & Instagram Live), we caught up with Co-Founder Marty Gray and manager PJ Roberts of GVO to get the scoop on their new event, what the collective is all about and their new project dropping Feb. 26th.

ON ‘THE GIG’ : “On Saturday night GVO (Good Vibes Only) will be doing a live-streamed concert. We are a hip hop collective out of Detroit, and we are performing our debut release. It’ll be an exclusive, and it’ll be the only time listeners will have a chance to listen to the project before the album drops on the 26th. People can view it on FB and insta live..”



ON ‘ORIGINS’: “David Bashaw came up with the name years ago (rapper and founder). We initially rented out a studio for an entire weekend in November of 2019. We then made beats from 8am to 2am for two days straight. We spent the subsequent year writing and recording vocals. And now we’re ready to release.”

ON ‘COLLECTIVE’: “We represent a creative hub where hiphop artists, producers, visual creators and writers can feel free to express and work their craft together. We have 11 members in our collective so far.

Billy Shakes – @billyshakesgvo
Prime – @primeseye
Truth – @joeythetruth
Jon Jordan – @j0n_j0rd4n
ThirdGen – @_thirdgen
Zip – @ask4zip
The SLiMM GRiMM – @theslimmgrimm
Marty Gray – @martygraymusic
George Marshall – @georgefrederic
Nick Froelich – @nickfroelichmusic
PJ Roberts – @pj_roberts_

This album is for anyone and everyone. Three more producers are working on our next record, ones that haven’t worked with us before. The idea is for creatives to flow in and out as they please.”

ON ‘COVID’: “You know, it can be hard to coordinate with a large group of artists or people in general. COVID added another level of complications. But that just meant we had to be better about communication and utilized technology to our advantage with things like discord. The bulk of the in-person creation was done before the pandemic. During the pandemic we essentially recorded vocals with one person at a time (in an isolated vocal booth). Covid 19 didn’t seems like a huge hinderance honestly.”

ON ‘MUSIC INDUSTRY’: “What does it mean to be an artist…LMAO.. it’s a livelihood! Music streaming services pay very little to artists, and the cost of touring is too high for most artists to swing. Two huge challenges…just getting noticed and getting our music out there in way to where it can be widely consumed by family, friends and how to get fans that have no connection to us to check out our music and other content as well.

ON ‘DEBUT PROJECT’: “This concert will feature every single song on our debut. Without giving too much away, in a broad sense our project is about the light and dark of life. Highs and lows, etc. Not allowed to say what the project is called yet 😉 Let’s just say there’s a certain….duality to our release.


Make sure to follow GVO on Instagram and Facebook to stay tuned for their Live Stream debut SATURDAY @7:25PM EST of their brand-new project. Check out the drop on February 26th on all streaming platforms.

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