SCARBO X Fiendigods – FREEMASON$ Official Music Video

An amusing musical short film with local rap duo Fiendigods

“Fiendi got the critics raving” as a direct line from Youngsinsei’s verse in new single “FREEMASON$”. Better known as up-and-coming drummer and rap musician David Ward, he and emerging rapper Evan Parks make up the duo Fiendigods. We teamed up with these Ypsilanti-based artists to help produce the official music video for their single and talk about the meaning behind the song.

Q: So first off, why Freemasons?

David: “Who even really knows what the Freemasons are? People say they’re the Illuminati, but the Freemasons say ‘no, we’re not, we just like books and are friends and that’s it’. And I think there’s a lot of intriguing stuff there. There’s a lot of talk about how to turn the tables, but if all of that information is out there for everyone to know, then someone can use that to mess you up. Simply going about your business, isn’t for anyone else to know… it’s just you and your business partners.”

What does “FREEMASON$” mean to you?

Evan: “‘FREEMASON$’, to me, is about us being ourselves to the absolute fullest. We’re feeling ourselves and being authentic–some people probably won’t like that, and that’s to be expected. We pay them no mind, and that’s what the Fiends do. We make music and express ourselves truthfully and naturally regardless of what people say.”

David: “[In ‘FREEMASON$’], I want to shed light on the fact that there are rappers out in the public eye who are opening up more and more about their individual journeys to spiritual enlightenment, and that it’s not a coincidence. We’re saying you can be yourself, and the more you know yourself, the less you care about what other people think.”

Brothers of Destruction drops May 1st, 2021 on all streaming platforms.

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