We sat down with Matt Lichtinger and Jonathan Lin, Creators of Slide (@slideapp_), the newest way to share all of your information with just the flick of your finger. Check below for their responses and a link to download the app so you, too, can begin sliding!

ABOUT: Slide is the quickest way to share your phone number and social media with others! Gone are the days of handing your phone to someone or waiting for them to read off their numbers and/or usernames. Now, you can simply Slide them your profile and they’ll have it all. You can even add multiple links for each platform, perfect for sending your personal socials in addition to those of your business, student organization, or anything else!

ON “SLIDE”: “Slide” is a verb that spoke to us as a great name to represent the action of sending your info. “Hey, can you Slide me your number?” just Slides off the tongue very easily. Once we decided on that, we turned it into the action.

Slide Feature: Slide the profile icon to the left for each user you want to share your contact information with.

ORIGINS: Slide was born almost exactly a year ago out of the need for a faster and easier way to share info when meeting someone. We hated having to shout our numbers during loud parties or hand our phones to others to have them type in their handles. It’s too mistake-laden and takes way too long.

CUTTING EDGE FEATURE: Profiles, hands down. They let you group your socials in any combination so that you’re ready for any occasion. Other apps either don’t let you do this or make it tough to use effectively.

An example of organized profiles in the Slide app.

DEVELOPING IN COVID: We started before we really even knew COVID was a thing, but COVID started shortly after, so most of our development was remote, with Matt in Ohio and myself [Johnathan] in Connecticut. 

The biggest part of the development process was figuring out how to even build an app/website and business. Neither of us had any real experience with any of these things. So we spent a LOT of time just learning for the first few months before we made any real headway on the application and business. We really started making progress in about November. 

The nice thing about this though was that we were customers of the app, i.e. were some of the people who were going to use it, so that helped a lot in informing our design decisions. We did a lot of internal testing/feedback amongst ourselves, but when we finally started really making progress, we were able to get feedback from our real audience via an official beta in late December, which was huge for better iterations of the application.

BUILDING AN APP: To be honest, we thought this was going to be WAY easier than it actually was. At the beginning, we estimated only about 3 months of development (i.e we thought we could get it out by late July/early August). However, we ended up having to push our start date back by about 5 months because the learning curve was much higher than we anticipated. Plus, around August, we acquired a huge piece of the business puzzle by getting accepted into the law clinic here at the University, which was monumental in helping us be legally compliant and get all our ducks in a row. While all this made us release a bit later, it was 100% worth it for the security and resources they provided.

BIG PICTURE: We are hoping that this becomes the mainstream way people connect, and would love to see this grow past the University and onto other college campuses and environments as well. The big end goal would be for us to be able to go to someone new and say “Hey, can you Slide me your number, snap, etc.” and for them to know exactly what we’re talking about, and do it instantly. I think it’s a phenomenal way for us to stay in touch with people that we otherwise wouldn’t, especially during the pandemic. It’s also an awesome way to learn more about the people you meet, see what they’re interested in, and build more meaningful relationships that way.






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